Baffle Ceiling System

Baffle Ceiling System

The baffle ceiling system or rafter ceiling system with an open ceiling construction provides ample natural light to seep into the room thereby providing enough illumination. It provides a good flow of air throughout the room making it cozy and less stuffy. The decorative ceiling pattern takes very little time to install or disassemble . It provides good sound adsorption and hence has managed a prominent place in the acoustical market.

Ceiflo baffle ceiling system or the rafter ceiling system, provides best aesthetics along with good airflow management. It has a strong directional characteristic with broad openings exhibiting a three-dimensional view with clear and bright angular lines. The rafter ceiling system is a decorative curtain type ceiling which enables to adjust the visual height of the house thereby facilitating to cover up the pipelines and other cables displaying a effective well-ordered appearance. It enables effective lighting performance presenting a brighter and exuberant decorative style. It is quick to install and uninstall the settings and hence it is used as a popular product for the ceiling system. Ceiflo also provide customized ceiling systems.


It is made up ofaluminum extrusion and GI/AI sheets

It comes in varient sizes such as 25*50, 25*100, 25*150, 50*50,50*100, 50*150,     50*200, 75*75, 75*150, 100*100, 100*200 (all in mm).

It comes in powder coated with standard colors and wood grain finish.