Clip-in Tile Ceiling System

Clip-in Tile Ceiling System

The clip-in tile system makes it feasible to make quick changes in the tile in case of damage or repair. The surface of the clip in tile system is smooth and concise with beautiful lines which enhances the room atmosphere. The ceiling panels are made using lightweight, best quality aluminum or electro galvanized steel which shows great resistance to corrossion. It provides full plenum access from any point in the ceiling. The highly durable clip-in tile system is robust,durable and easy to maintain.

The clip-in tile system by Ceiflo exhibits an algant appearance when laid on the ceiling. It adopts the suspension system with the ceiling clamped into the hidden frame, thereby exhibiting a neat look. Such kind of arrangement makes it easier to install and disassemble. It provides protection of electrical, security and communications cables as well as other vulnerable systems. It is widely used in a variety of architectural decoration design.


It comes in standard perforation of 2.50 mm; however, it can be customized    upto diameter 25mm.

It is available with fleece or without fleece.

It comes in varient sizes such as 300*300, 300*600, 300*1200, 400*400,    500*500, 500*1200, 600*600, 600*1200, 600*1800, 800*800, 800*1600 (all    in mm).

It is made using galvanized iron or aluminium with a standard thickness of    0.50 mm and 0.60 mm.

It is available in standard universal colors.

It comes in several perforation patterns, sizes, and metal thickness.