Expanded Metal Mesh Ceiling System

Expanded Metal Mesh Ceiling System

Ceiflo's Expanded metal ceiling comes in various dimensions, color and mesh options. It can be slit and stretched without any loss of material into a network of uniform openings. As 76% of the Expanded metal ceiling has an open area, it makes room for various design opportunities. The prominent structured appearance enhances the look of the room atmosphere. It is to be noted that the Expanded metal ceiling with its elegant structure is actually light in weight and hence it can be easily installed with less human effort.

Expanded metal ceilings, Lay-in and clip in type achieve a space effective ceiling design, along with an eye-catching appearance using Ceiflo's Expanded metal ceiling. The design and pattern are so well crafted, When integrated with appropriate lighting systems it exhibits an aesthetically shading effect. To make the surroundings free from Unprecedented noise-levels and to provide a pleasant environment, the expanded mesh ceiling can be integrated with Flattened Mesh, Raised Mesh/Diamond Mesh, Long-link/Hexagonal Mesh.


It is available in different colors and various dimensions.

The Expanded metal ceiling is available in different mesh options.

It is available in different versions based on the requirement, such as mesh    pattern, the type of material needed and the surface finish.

The mesh pattern is available in diamond, square, hexagon, and raised or flat    pattern.

The Expanded metal ceiling is available in steel, aluminum, and stainless    steel.

The Expanded Metal is available in standard sizes such as 600*600,    600*1200, and customized sizes.