Lay-in Tile Ceiling System

Lay-in Tile Ceiling System

The Lay-in ceiling comes in wide range of standard square and rectangular panels in plain and perforated patterns.It is robust in construction,durable and easy to clean. The Lay-in Ceiling system has good sound absorption and sound attenuation features and hence makes it environment friendly. It has a washable polyster powder finish and comes with an extensive range of perimeter options. It provides easy access for services mainteinance and is designed to achieve high fire resistance ratings under the most demanding conditions. The best highlight of Lay-in ceiling system is that it is completely recyclable.

CEIFLO Metal lay-in ceiling panels offers boundless opportunities for distinctive metal ceilings. Standard grid systems offer some viable advantages, like full plenum accessfrom any point in the ceiling, compatibility with standard lay-in light fixtures, quick to mount and demount, and elegant look comes with wide range of colors and customized sizes


It comes in standard perforation of 2.50 mm; however, it can be customized    upto diameter 25mm.

It is available with fleece or without fleece.

It is available in Grid categories of 24 mm grid/15 mm grid and 15mm    silhouette Grids.

It comes in varient sizes such as 600*600, 300*1200, 600*1200 (all in mm).

It is made using galvanized iron or aluminium with a standard thickness of    0.50 mm and 0.60 mm.

It is available in standard universal colors.