Open Cell Ceiling System

Open Cell Ceiling System

The open cell ceiling system providesngood ventilation. It provides the best protection against fire as it exihibits good fireproof performance it is very easy and quick to install and does not require special tools to install and disassemble. It is convinient to maintain and upkeep. Such a type of an arrangementnis a breakthrough from the traditional concept having a complex structure. The open cell ceiling system with its simple installation techniques has made placing easier and also augmented the appearance of the room.

Ceiflo offers another range of decorative suspended ceiling solution which is known as the open cell ceiling system. It is an exquisite combination of crisscross assembled grille bone and auxilary bone structure. The ceiling system constituting a continuous combination of grills, Which can relieve the repression sense caused by closed space. It is graceful in appearance and comes in gorgeous colors. The open cell ceiling system has provision to fit in lightings, air-conditioning, and lanterns, within the ceiling thereby giving a neat and elegant appearance.


It comes in standard size:
   Square ceiling: 75*75, 100*100, 125*125mm.
   Triangular open ceiling: 100, 125mm.
   Linear open ceiling: 40, 60, 80mm.

It comes in a width configuration of 10mm, 15mm, and height of 40mm    ,50mm.

It is made using galvanized iron and aluminum.

It comes in standard colors.

It is also available in customized size and varient colors.